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About DemoUpStorage

The Swiss Energy Strategy foresees CO2 capture and underground storage, possibly abroad, among the necessary measures to reach the net zero target by 2050. DemoUpCARMA, the partner project of DemoUpStorage, explores as one pathway to negative emissions the transport and storage of Swiss biogenic CO2 in Islandic Basalt as well as this pathway’s potential for upscaling. Since a safe and permanent storage of the Swiss CO2 is an indispensable requirement, DemoUpStorage takes the lead in closely monitoring the injection and the dispersion of the Swiss CO2 in the Islandic underground at a new site. For the injection, a novel technique is used, where the CO2 is dissolved in sea instead of fresh water. The findings of DemoUpStorage will further advance the Swiss Roadmap for geological CO2 storage through knowledge acquisition and transfer, as well as capacity building.

DemoUpStorage has the following objectives:

  • To independently evaluate if injecting CO2 dissolved in seawater into Basalts near the coast in Iceland is a safe, permanent, cost-effective, and environmentally acceptable pathway for CO2. Together with DemoUpCARMA, DemoUpStorage will further evaluate if this approach has the potential to be upscaled and would allow to store much larger amounts of Swiss CO2 from 2024 onwards.
  • To advance and benchmark borehole- and surface-based monitoring techniques and computational modelling tools to reliably track and forecast the migration of CO2 in different geological settings, including those relevant for future CO2 injection tests in Switzerland.
  • To build up within Switzerland an interdisciplinary competence in monitoring and modelling CO2-injection with the ultimate goal of being ready for future projects in Switzerland.
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